Transparent LED display

As a leading transparent led display screen manufacturer, Wancolor led screen transparent features high transparency, lightweight, smart control, simple operation, high refresh rate, high brightness,energy-saving and more. Wancolor provides various transparent led to many applications case including building glass wall, glass windows, shopping mall,stores, bars, exhibitions etc

Indoor transparent LED display

1. modular design, transparency > 80%, easy installation and maintenance,                                 competitive transparent led screen price factory

2.Indoor Installation & high brightness                           for Outdoor Viewing.LED see through screen

3.Thin & Light weight,                                                 No need complex Steel Structure

Transparent poster LED display

1.Multi-control ways including synchronized / asynchronous control systems avaliable.

2.supports multi-installation methods such as lifting, hanging,ground installation, etc.

3.Stable & Easy Maintenance

outdoor grid LED display

1.High transparency. Up to 70% transparency .

2.Light weight and Fast easy installation.             easy front maintenance. 

3.High brightness and energy saving.

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