Front access LED display

If the wall without the space for back service,will need choose front access LED display,like front open cabinet,front service LED module,magnet attached LED module .

Dual-maintenance, from both the front side and the rear side. People usually use its front maintenance function.which just need less than one minute to take out from the led display panel when for maintenance,saving the labor and maintenance cost.

Front open cabinet

1.single side front open cabinet,double side front open cabinet avaliable.

2.Save space for back side. Everything can be service at front side.

Front access outdoor LED module

1.Dual-maintenance, from both the front side and the rear side. 

Outdoor p3.91/p4/p4.81/p6.67/p8/p10.

2.Easy Maintenance, easy to take out the modules 

magnet attached for indoor LED display

1.for indoor LED display with magnet attached will easy remove from front side. need leave space for the back wall

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