Street lamp post LED display

Recent years,with the speed of the construction of smart cities , there is an increasing demand for street lamp post LED screens. The lamp post screen has greatly enhanced the role of advertising because of its eye-catching display effect, wide audience, high arrival rate, and easy remote management. It has played an increasingly important role in the Intelligent Monitoring project. So It is welcomed by more and more cities. 

1.control solution Diagram

2. Products features and function

1. Support Remote internet management

Multi-screen remote cluster control, no need to operate on site, easy and convenient.

2. Support Multi-screen synchronization

Multiple LED pole screens play the same picture at the same moment to make more shocking effect and better advertising effect

3. Various ways to adjust the Brightness

The LED pole screen can be sets automatic brightness or timing brightness to reach high brightness during the day and low brightness at night, better display effect but more energy saving.

4. Displaying Weather information

The pole LED screen can obtain Internet weather information automatically.

5. Remote AC Power switch

The AC power Switch of pole LED screen can be Remotely controlled through Relay switch.

3.Cloud Platform Cluster Management

The lamp post screen has the characteristics of large number of screens and wide distribution. The cloud platform can realize remote cluster control, allowing you to manage the LED display uniformly without being on site

1. Group management, multi-level permission settings

The display screen is grouped by area, and designated sub-accounts are assigned to manage them without interference.

2. Simple program publishing process

  It is easy to release program and you can choose timing play. Using the program list management function you can manager all screen in a flexible and convenient way.

3. Free Cloud Service

The cloud platform server is provided free of charge, users do not need to self-organize the network, and do not need to maintain independently.

4. Banking system level security

The cloud platform has passed the third-level certification of China’s Internet information security protection. It is as safe as the bank’s system

4.Hardware Solution(huidu controller for example)

1. HD-C15C Asynchronous Controller



1. Control range: 384 * 320, Able to adapt to various sizes of led pole screen

2. Support common video formats and format playback;

3. Support HD video hardware decoding, 60Hz frame rate output;

4. Onboard 10 HUB75E Output;

5. Onboard 4GB storage memory, support U disk expansion capacity;

6. Support 4G / Wi-Fi / LAN access to the Internet to achieve internet remote control.


2. 4G Communication module

Basic equipment to Cooperate with the SIM card to connect the control card to the Internet, realize remote cluster management LED display, multi-screen synchronization and obtain Internet weather information.


3. RF Module

Using the RF module based on LoRa technology, the content of multiple LED display screens can be played simultaneously.



4. S107 brightness sensor

Automatically adjust the brightness so that the screen can automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED display screen as the surrounding brightness changes.



5. K524 relay

Remotely control the power on / off of street lights, display screens and other equipment.



5. Application Case

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