Rental LED display

WANCOLOR offers a complete range of Indoor & Outdoor rental led screen products for events, stages,exhibition ,concert show, television studios,hotel ,professional AV installations and other venues. You can choose the right series for your rental applications. Pixel Pitch for indoor led stage screen P1.953mm/p2.604/p2.976/p3.91/ P4.81mm and for outdoor led screen stage P2.976mm p3.91/p4.81/P5.95/p6.25 etc.

Rental led display screen

  1. Die-casting Aluminum rental Cabinetor Die casting magnesium rental cabinet
  2. 500x500mm and 500x1000mm Cabinet Could Work Together.
  3. Easy Assemble and Disassemble.
  4. Light Weight and Quick Lock Design.
  5. Flight Case Package.

Rental LED display cabinet with curved lock

1.can add with curved lock on the 500*500mm or 500*1000mm cabinet.

2.the screen can be curved shape, round shape ,right angle corner shape


LED display screen for rent

1. indoor and outdoor 480*480mm/512*512mm/576*576mm/640*640mm/640*480mm/768*768mm/960*960mm etc cabinet size.

2.All kinds of Pixel pitch available p1.875/p2/p2.5/p3/p4/p5/p6/p8/p10

3.Hanging or stack stand by on the floor


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