How LED rental screen create profit for led screen rental company

led rental displays means LED display will usually move from here to there,so will need light weight and easy install die-casting rental cabinet and movable flight case package.The led screen rental usually stacked on the floor or hanging on the rigging system. LED display rentals products for stage show,events, stores opening,wedding party, Tv studios,boardrooms, professional AV installations and other venues.

Now we show you how led display rental company create profit for you.

How to choose the right LED screen provider

The right LED display suppliers should with outstanding quality, competitive price and first-class service will assured for your side. Shenzhen Wancolor found since 2009, with 200 more professional workers,the production area cover 8000 square meter. The goods have been exported over 80 countries in the world.                Here we introduce with our staff, strict production process service, technique support for you to know why you need choose WANCOLOR as your LED display manufacture.

Full steps show you How to install the LED display sending card

The LED display controller with asynchronous controller and  synchronous controller two kinds in the market.Asynchronous controller means can not play the same time with computer,it usually installed at the LED display cabinet,controlled by USB/WIFI/4G/GPRS etc.

Synchronous controller means will play the same time with computer, the sending card should install on the computer or sending box or video processor.

So here we show you steps by steps how to install the LED screen sending card in the computer

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