Commerical LED screens

commercial display screen also we called fixed LED display are widely used for Shopping Centre/Supermarket/Retail/Church/sport/stage/smart city/airport/Casino/Bar/Education/Exhibition/Hospital/Enterprise/Government/hotel/museum etc.

commercial led display screen usually choose standard waterproof cabinet with backdoor/simple cabinet without backdoor also can be with die-casting cabinet


Rental stage LED screen

Rental LED screen usually for stage show like led backdrop,stage Background Concert,wedding screen,Conference,Events & Entertainment,tv studio,party show etc led screens for events.

So led screen for rent usually need light weight and easy installation,usually choose die-casting rental aluminm cabinet and flight case package.


fine pitch LED screen

Small Pixel Pitch LED Display mainly like p1.25/p1.538/p1.56/p1.667/p1.86/p1.875/p2/p2.5 LED display etc is high resolution led display with 16:9 or 4:3 led screen cabinet :640*480mm or 400*300mm etc.

 fine pitch led display with front service  design LED cabinet for easy installion, hd led display,high refersh, high stability,high contrast LED display


Front maintenance LED display

Front maintenance LED screen usually for those palce not with back space.It can easily front repair LED module/power supply/controller . Also can with outdoor programmable led signs double sided.

we usually choose front open LED cabinet or front service LED module or magnet attached for front access indoor LED display


Indoor led display module

Indoor LED screen module usual items like as following p1.875/p2/p2.5/p2.604/p2.976/p3/p3.91/p4/p4.81/p5/p6/p10.

 Customers can order the LED module with magnet and cables accessory and power supply/controller with our wholesale price,than build the steel frame locally,will save money especailly ship cost .


Outdoor LED display module

Outdoor LED screen module usual items like as following p2.5/p2.976/p3/p3.91/p4/p4.81/p5/p5.95/p6/p6.67/p8/p10/p16/p20.

Outdoor LED module with SMD and DIP types.will need high brightness       and waterproof IP65 . so we usually choose high quality Nationstar lamp,Kinglight lamp,Kn-light lamp, with 72 hours aging test before deliver.


transparent led screen

LED transparent screen usually for glass led screen windows, see through led screen building glass wall,transparent screens shoping centers,see through display screen stores ,led transparent screen Bars, Also for small transparent led screen exhibitions.

As transparent led screen manufacturer,our led transparent screen features with high Transparency,high brightness,high refersh rate, light weight cabinet,simple smart controller.


Creative custom led display

Custom led display design such as curved LED display, round LED display,circular led display,sphere display,cube led display,right corner LED display,irregular shape LED display etc.

It will need bendable led screen module for those with curved shape led screen, will need speical module with bevel edge for right angle LED display project.


led poster display

Poster led display can be widely used in shopping mall,hotels,stores,restaurants,school, hospital, airports, office etc,it will can achieve excellent advertising effect for viewers.

The led poster can work independently , also serveral pieces led poster screen can connected toghter work for one whole bigger LED display.                     Poster led screen with fold out standing and stand upright and hanging or wall mounted. led poster display price depends on choose p2/p2.5/p3 and usual size 576*1920mm or 640*1920mm.


led dance floor display

Video dance floor need with high load bearing with high strenght protecive structure and module Mask. led floor panels install by rail mounting for fast install and disinstall. So it is also can be for rental use as normal up-right LED display.

LED video floor can be upgraded to interactive LED stage floor. the interactive effect can achieved by interactive radar or speical inteactive driving ic.


perimeter led display stadium screen

perimeter led screen usually need with soft mask for LED module ,and the cabinet need protection sponge, Also the cabinet need with Base strcuture adjustable for different angle viewer from the stadium.

led perimeter display also can be used as for normal rental LED display.


street pole LED display

with the development of smart city, the lamp post LED display play more and more import role in the city. the post LED screen can play commerical adversting, weather monitor,air quality monitoring,Road condition monitoring,information release etc.

The pole LED screen controller usually need with 4G module,Lora module,brightess sensor.


Taxi top LED display

taxi led display usually double side with 960*320mm, side logo,frame color can be customzied,car led display usually choose outdoor p2.5/p3/p4/p5 items. .

led car sign usually need with Wireless remote controller with 4G/GPS,can controller by cell phone.IPad, computer,Auto dimming according to the light with daytime and night.

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