LED display Multifunction Card Assembly

With the multifunction card assembled, the led display would be featured with more functions. Such as:
1. Automatic brightness adjustment of 256 level.
2. Real time temperature and humidity monitoring, of both internal and external of led display.
3. Display the current environment temperature and humidity on the screen.
4. Detect the smoke(The smoke detector sensor should be installed).
5. Remote switch of the led display power(power on and power off the led display via remote control).
6. Automatically control the fans, air conditioner(if any) of led display.

And below are the pictures of LINSN and DBSTAR multifunction card.


Here we will take an example of DBSTAR multifunction card, to show how to assemble the multifunction card to the led display.


And we use the brightness sensor(luminance transducer) to realize the Auto Brightness, which is actually the most frequently application purpose, of assembling the multifunction card to led display.

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