How to choose the right LED display provider


The  diathesis of the  leader

1, With good leaders, the  corporation can develop health and steady


2, The  managers are better, better the administration , and faster the efficiency 


3, The best leader always stand on the clients’ side to consider , it is good for win-win


The engineers  in the team

1, The good products depend on the  good technique, which is developed by the important engineers.


2, If  the skill  is professional  or no, influence  directly  the quality of the products.


3, With abundant experience, the engineer can resolve  the clamant situations.


4, In the international trade, with a good engineer, the buyer can enjoy the better service  in time.

The production flow:
If the production flow is sanity, decide the quality of the products.
In the international trade, the most important for the buyer after buying, is service. You do not have time neither money to travel between the two countries. So you need a perfect service after-sell. In the process of making buying, the technic training service is the most important. With a clever training, we can save more trouble for later. Before the buying, do you get the design with all the details you need? If the answer is yes, congratulations, you meet a right provider, because they tread you as themselves.
* 3 years warranty We will provide free parts for replacement if any problem belongs to us during this period (delivery cost paid by customer); 3years later, we provide spare parts for replacement based on certain charge.
* Free technical training You can send your engineers to take the training in our factory or accepting the free and detailed technical training while we are providing assistance for on- site installation.
* 24/7 on-line service and lifelong technical support Our English-speaking engineers are always ready to offer 24/7 on-line service. Simultaneously, we guarantee to provide the technical support for a lifetime since you bought the product from us.
* On-site assistance We could send our English-speaking engineers to guide the installation on site for you. And your esteemed company is only necessary to bear the cost for visa, round-trip tickets food as well as accommodation.
Installation technique support:
Free training: You could send your engineers who have some knowledge of electronics and computer to our factory and we will provide one week free of charge training of how to maintain and repair. or replacement based on certain charge.  
Technical Support: We could send our engineer to guide the installation for you. But the relevant cost should be paid by your esteemed company such as visa, hotel, food, plane ticket for back and forth, and also your esteemed company should pay our staff USD180/day/staff (from our engineer’s departure from Shenzhen) and should help to arrange our staff visa.
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