Creative LED display

1. With soft LED module p1.875/p2/p2.5/p3/p4/p5 etc for all kinds Creative LED display. Like curved shape, round shape, pillar shape LED display.we can do almsot all shape only you can image. 

2. Right angle LED display can catch all sides of viewer.

3.Cube LED display with 6 sides

Curved shape LED display with flexible LED module

1.The flexible LED module can for round shape,curved shape as your requirement.

2,LED module size with 240*120mm and 320*160mm,256*128mm etc

Cube LED display with bevel edge LED module

1.The cube shape can be 2 side,3 side,4 side,5 side,6 side 

2.The cube can be stack,or be hanging or stand.

Right angle LED display

1.The LED module with 45 degree bevel edge.

2.outdoor p3/p4/p5/p6/P8/P10 or indoor P2/p2.5/p3 /P4 LED mdoule all ok for right angle display

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